Seafood-Inspired Event Menu Ideas

If you're planning any type of special event and want to really impress your guests by tantalizing their taste buds, consider creating a seafood-inspired menu. Fresh seafood will work for any type of meal, from brunch to late-night snacks with cocktails.  You can make seafood the star of the show for a wide range of special event types, such as birthday bashes, holiday get-togethers, bridal and baby showers, wedding receptions, anniversary soirees, family reunions, and graduation celebrations. Read More 

When Do Bake-At-Home Cinnamon Rolls Make A Great Gift?

Cinnamon rolls are widely accepted as a delicious, enjoyable treat. They also make a great gift, especially if you send bake-at-home cinnamon rolls that your recipient can pop into the oven and enjoy warm. But when do bake-at-home cinnamon rolls make an especially delicious gift? Here are a few key occasions on which you may want to give them away. For a Housewarming So many people give bottles of wine and candles as housewarming gifts. Read More 

Making Great Coffee From Whole Beans: The Basics

If your way of making coffee has always been to scoop some pre-ground coffee into a coffee maker and turn it on, then you might feel a little mystified by specialty coffees like Colombian whole bean coffee. Making coffee from whole beans is different from brewing pre-ground coffee, but it does not have to be intimidating. There are only a few basic guidelines you need to know in order to make a great cup of java from whole beans. Read More 

Dry Ice May Help Restaurants During Power Outages

When a power outage strikes a restaurant, a chain reaction may occur that could trigger many issues. For example, these businesses need refrigeration that keeps their food and ingredients cold, preventing spoilage. Thankfully, solutions like dry ice can help provide the temporary emergency refrigeration needs that many restaurants may have in these problematic power-loss scenarios. Refrigeration Must Be Maintained at Restaurants Keeping food ingredients at the proper temperature is critical for restaurants because it helps to prevent the dangers of food spoilage and other problems that may develop due to this concern. Read More 

How to Organize a Commercial Restaurant Refrigerator

Restaurant equipment need clear systems to be used efficiently. One of the most important pieces of restaurant equipment is a commercial refrigerator. And just as with everything else, this appliance needs to function productively. Following the tips in this article, your commercial restaurant refrigerator will be organized to maximize efficiency. Shelving Purchasing proper shelving for the inside of a commercial refrigerator is important. You need shelves that will hold up to a lot of use and be easy to clean. Read More